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 Deployable units

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MessageSujet: Deployable units   Mer 30 Mar - 13:23

Deployable units are units built upon the rules as described in the codexes AND with respect to the criteria specified by a given sector.

Any given unit shall be painted according to the terms indicated in its presentation. Once a subject created those terms cannot be modified in any way, including equipments or number of members.

Should a unit not correspond to the general descriptions made its owner by the end of the session, the admins will make a final judgement about its validity. In case of a major difference is it very unlikely they will assess it as acceptable.

*Miniatures: Any miniature is accepted without any consideration for its origin as long as it can represent the unit as described in the Codexes. Customization and « count as » are therefore accepted;

*Miniatures shall be initially presented free of any painting work except for a basic, monochromatic prime (any colour, not only black or white);

*Named Characters : those characters shall not be engaged more than once in any given session, with the exception of Lord Cypher;

*Independent Characters: Independent Characters are considered as independent units provided a sector does not mention they cannot (like in Chapel). An Independent Character may be escorted by a squad (for Imperial Space Marines : either a command squad or a regular squad, not both)Independent Characters have full access to their options and follow the same rules as regular units;

*Special units granted by Independant Characters : Those special units may be deployed without the relevant Character, including options and assigned transport vehicle, provided this transport is authorized in the targeted sector. They also may be joined by a different Independent Character;

*Assigned Transport Vehicles 1: some sectors do not permit Assigned Transport Vehicles to be deployed. This limitation will be described in the sectors’ description;

*Assigned Transport Vehicles 2: Some Codexes being still based on 6th ed. include vehicles that are pure Assigned Vehicles (i.e. they cannot be purchased as regular units) Among those vehicles are the CSM Rhino APC or the AM Chimera… Those vehicles cannot be deployed as isolated units and shall always accompany the squad they are assigned to;

*Drop pods: Drop pods of any cannot be deployed as isolated units and shall always accompany the squad they are assigned to;

*All costs are computed based on the current version of a Codex. Should a Codex introduce variations in terms of points or rules, the rules and costs that will be taken into account will be those valid when the subject was created;

*No formations coming from Apocalypse or any dataslate are authorized;

*The sectors forming the lower part of the Hive and the sectors beneath the Bastions of the Adeptus Arbites are the only ones where super heavy vehicles may be deployed. Each sector indicates in its description what kinds of super heavies are authorized.

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Deployable units
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