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Options :

On a general basis, options will be valid score wise provided they are represented on the miniatures.

An option will only represent itself and shall not be used to do so with another one.

Admins may establish a convention about specific situations when a doubt arises. Those conventions may be transformed on general rules as listed hereinafter.

Some conventions have been already agreed:

*Missile launchers with AA missiles are difficult to represent. This option does not exist regarding points unless it can be represented thanks to a credible conversion (example : AA radar on the backpack);

*Dark Angels Veterans shall wear their as a clear indication of their status;

*Marks of Chaos shall not be taken into account unless they are represented explicitely on the miniatures ;

*The Chaotic Icons do not automatically represent the relevant Mark;

*Demonic Gifts and psychic levels of mastery are not accounted except for specific weapons or armours that still have to be represented ;

* Chaos familiars shall be represented thanks to a specific mini (either a conversion or an official mini);

*The CSM rule “Veterans of the Long War” shall not be accounted ever ;

*Dark Angels’ Investigator Chaplains shall be accounted so provided they wear a specific attribute linked to their particular status (like black pearls).

This list isn’t exhaustive and shall be enlarged during the Campaign.

Tuer pour les Vivants! Tuer pour les Morts!

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