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 Opening/closing a topic

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MessageSujet: Opening/closing a topic   Mer 30 Mar 2016 - 13:32

Participation :

The Gilgamesh Campaign do not impose a fix and firm participation although the latter is being encouraged... A player can contribute during S1 then S3…

During each session, you’ll be allowed to create one or several topics in the sector(s) you wish to assault with your units.

The first message of each topic shall include the following information :

- Description of the unit (including options and overall value) ;
- Pictures of your miniatures with at least one containing also the Forum’s clock watch and/or the password relevant for the ongoing session.

Some fluff might be also added but there is no obligation regarding this point.

Before the end of the session, in order to validate the topic, a final picture with the completed unit shall be published on the topic. There is no particular requirement regarding this picture.

Additional notes:

- Should a picture be posted after the deadline then the mission will be considered as failed. This will result in a penalty for this topic only ;

- Monoposts (initial and final pictures within the same post) are forbidden;

- It is forbidden to create new topics during the last five days of a session ;Il est interdit de créer de nouveaux sujets en zone de guerre au cours des cinq derniers jours de la session en cours;

- In order to be considered as valid, a unit shall be painted, including its bases with at least some extra material like stones, grass… Bases which already include some sculpted extra details are not concerned by this point.

Tuer pour les Vivants! Tuer pour les Morts!

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Opening/closing a topic
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