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 [S17+] Deploying Imperial Assassins

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MessageSujet: [S17+] Deploying Imperial Assassins    Mar 16 Mai - 11:29

In order to illustrate the desperate measures ordered by the Imperial Forces in front of the invasion, including assassination, both the Angels of Death and the Inquisitorial Crusade have full access to Codex : Assassins.

Course of action :

- An assassin can only be deployed in a sector where an enemy Independant Character has been already deployed in the same session;
- Should the assassin belong to the Culexus Temple, this enemy Independant Character shall also have the Psyker USR ;
- There cannot be more than one assassin at a time in each sector and for each Imperial Faction for any given session;
- With the notable exception of the Skies, Assassins are not limited by the sectors’ normal restrictions;
- Due to its specifities, the Eldar Mother Warpgate is limited to the sole members of the Culexus Temple.

Tuer pour les Vivants! Tuer pour les Morts!

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[S17+] Deploying Imperial Assassins
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