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 [S17+] Game phases

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MessageSujet: [S17+] Game phases   Mar 16 Mai - 11:35

1/ Movements

During the first five days of each session, every player is allowed to move his HQ from his current sector to an adjacent one. This movement shall be executed before opening any topic.

Movements shall be declared once and for all by Captains in order to allow the Admins to take them into account. Thus will each Captain send the full of his faction’s movements to Phoenix d’Arwin within the delay of five days.

This « movement phase » does not prevent other players to open their topics, of course…

Nota : there’s no « movement phase » in Session 17.

2/ Combats

In order to try to simulate the logistical constraints which may have impacts on operations, deploying units is now limited geographically speaking to the effective combat area of each player. The effective combat area is described as follows:

- The sector in which the player’s HQs is deployed;
- All sectors which are adjacent to the latter.

Nota: this rule closes into force as of S17.

3/ Special rules :

- Flyers, airborne units and deepstriking units may strike one sector further than the normal limitation ;

- Daemons can be invoked in any sector on the map involving at least one unit from the Chaos Faction with an identical Mark or Dedication, or no Mark and Dedication at all, even if those units have been deployed by a different player ;

- If a player decides to move his HQs, his effective combat area will be restricted to the new sector in which his HQs will be settled. Troops will have first and foremost to secure this new location;

- One may go from one continent to another if:

o the player’s HQs is deployed in a sector which allows to do so via a special rule (such as in the Mechanicum Complex, Mersl’Kash’s Necropole or the Eldar Mother Warpgate) ;

o the player’s HQs is deployed in a sector with a bridge.  There are four bridges: between the northern continent (sector 5) and the western one (sector 7), between the western continent (sector 9) and the eastern one (sector 19), between the western continent (sector 17) to the eastern one (sector 18). The force bridge is solely on the western continent and links sectors 9 and 16.

In addition to these notable exceptions, some sectors do have some special rules which grant some other bonuses or possibilities. Each special rule is described on the relevant sector’s profile.

Tuer pour les Vivants! Tuer pour les Morts!

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[S17+] Game phases
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